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Rance Scott Jr. is a straight A’s student at East St. John High School in Reserve, LA. Son to Rance Scott Sr. and Akira Caesar, Rance Jr. is known for his gospel singing talents since he turned 7.


Rance is a gifted singer and enjoys performing his talents of singing and acting. He started singing at the age of 3 under the guidance and influence of his grandmothers who were impressed by his gift and encouraged him.


Rance started singing in churches with various preachers and impressed his audiences. By the age of 6, he was picked as a member of the choir for Beech Grove Baptist Church in his hometown. He experienced the grandeur of gospel singing when his choir was taken to the St. John Civic Center that year to sing with the famous Yolanda Adams, an award-

winning gospel singer.


Rance himself has appeared on national television a few times. His parents took him in to the auditions of Sunday Best on BET, hosted by Kirk Franklin, where Rance won the first three rounds at age 8.


Rance also appeared in the The Bobby Jones Gospel Hour on BET. In 2016, he performed on Creflo Dollar and on Not All Talk last year. He has recently released a single with gospel music artist Uncle Reese and has also performed with the famous gospel singer and preacher Donnie McClurkin. He has performed live on radio as well, accepting the invitation from New Orleans’ famous station 94.9 FM.


Rance is excited to be moving to Atlanta where he wants to learn the guitar and continue working on his upcoming album. He’s also looking forward to expanding his acting portfolio into more than his current rate of one play a year.


Rance loves playing the piano since he was 7. He loves dancing and acting and is seen singing all times of the day. He travels with his father for the recording sessions and currently lives in Laplace, LA, with his family.




Baton Rouge, LA, USA

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